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Ressources and Acknowledgements

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Ressources and acknowledgements

First of all...CuteMarks is open source and distributed under the GPL.

Second: I'd like to thank the developers of phplib, they've done a great job with providing this fine piece of software. It really makes live a lot easier. To note it again: The template functions of phplib are included as source in the distribution of CuteMarks.

Then there is a list of persons I'd like to thank especially as they've provided help, source and others to this small project.

Kai Schlachter Provided PHP4-port (globals...), some small bugfixes and enhancements; made 1.0.2 possible ,-) murphys at murphyslantech dot de
Jörn Provided the contrib/_xbel_2_sql.pl script for importing bookmarks from Galeon and Konqueror into cutemarks jpechen at japper dot org
Xavier Allowed me to use his CSS which look cleaner and better than the original one xavier at rootshell dot be

Contributions to cutemarks

With 1.0.2 I've added a contrib/ folder which contains contributed code. This code is not validated nor tested in any way. So please use it on your own risk.

Staying up to date

Finally: Join the mailing-list for announcements of new releases of cutemarks, report bugs if you found some or just drop me a mail if you like ,-)